Paolo Brajnik and Sandro Zeller win at the finale

Drexler-Automotive Formula Cup - Mugello (ITA)

At the grand finale to the Drexler Formula Cup, Paolo Brajnik (NV Racing) was unstoppable in both races. At almost summerlike temperatures in Tuscany Brajnik lived up to his role as favorite for the day's victory, but in the 2nd race things should turn out differently. For the second time the Drexler Formula Cup cooperated with the TopJet Formula Trophy this year and provided with 30 formula cars the strongest field. In the qualifying Paolo Brajnik drove the fastest time with a 1:40,488 min. His compatriot Bernardo Pellegrini (HT Powerteam) missed the pole position by 1.693 seconds, relegating Benjamin Berta (Team Hoffmann Racing) and Sandro Zeller (Jo Zeller Racing) to the other places.

At the start of the 1st race on Saturday afternoon Brajnik took the lead, while Sando Zeller passed Berta in the starting duel. With the run to the front, Paolo Brajnik pulled away from his pursuers Bernardo Pellegrini. Behind them, Zeller and Berta fought for third place. The Hungarian took full risk and sat next to Zeller, who, however, held his own bravely. When Berta's tires gave way, Zeller was able to break free. By the time they reached the finish line, it was already clear what was going to happen. Brajnik won by 5.829 seconds ahead of Pellegrini and Sandro Zeller, who also won the Formula 3 classification. Kurt Böhlen (Jo Zeller Racing) was pleased with his performance in fifth place, as was David Richert (Franz Wöss Racing), who climbed onto the podium in the Formula 3 classification. The 2nd race on Sunday afternoon was interrupted for a six-minute safety car period on the first lap after a three-car crash. After the re-start, Pellegrini briefly took the lead ahead of Paolo Brajnik. The Serb then countered successfully and regained the lead. In the course of the 13-lap chase, Zeller and Berta now put all their eggs in one basket. Pellegrini came under increasing pressure. During a maneuver on the second-placed rider, Zeller passed and Berta passed the Italian. While Pellegrini lost more and more pace, Berta tried to beat Zeller in a slipstream duel on the start and finish straight, but the Hungarian did not succeed. Paolo Brajnik maintained his lead to the finish and won ahead of Zeller, who had edged the Serb by 0.984 seconds. Benjamin Berta finished third. Pellegrini missed the podium with a gap of more than 10 seconds. Shortly after the finish, the stewards became active. They had found an infringement on Brajnik's part during the restart. As a result, the Serb was relegated to third place and Zeller was declared the winner ahead of Berta. Kurt Böhlen finished fifth, as in the first race. David Richert finished eighth. In the Formula Renault Andre Petropoulos (Team Hoffman Racing) won the 1st race ahead of Fabio Turchetto and Dr. Norbert Groer (Team Hoffmann Racing).After Andre Petropoulos retired in the 2nd race in the seventh lap, Fabio Turchetto could be happy about the winner's cup. Second place went to Dr.Norbert Groer, who was already the champion before the final.

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