First Formula 3 victory for Benjamin Berta

Drexler-Automotive Formula Cup - Automotodrom Brno (CZE)

At the fifth race weekend of the Drexler Formula Cup, Vladimir Netusil (Effektive Racing) and Benjamin Berta (Team Hoffmann Racing) were two surprise winners against the competition. In the first race, pole-setter Benjamin Berta was unable to turn his best qualifying time into a victory and had to give way to local hero Vladimir Netusil during the 13-lap chase at the Masaryk Racing Days. The Czech from the Drexler sub-series of the Formula 3 Open won by 3.113 seconds ahead of Berta, who in turn was able to relegate Sandro Zeller (Jo Zeller Racing), as well as Kurt Böhlen (Jo Zeller Racing) and Nikolas Szabo (Ideal Line&Performance) to the other places. Stefan Fürtbauer (Franz Wöss Racing) initially remained within striking distance. In the course of the race, he was unable to keep up the pace and was recorded in sixth place.

For the second race, Benjamin Berta had taken pole position in his first Formula 3 race with a class qualifying time of 1:53.043 min ahead of Sandro Zeller. When the lights went green at the start, a duel between Berta and Zeller developed that was well worth seeing. Sandro Zeller initially held his own, but was beaten by 7.256 seconds at the finish. For Benjamin Berta, this was a dream come true. In his first Formula 3 race in the Drexler Formula Cup, he had clinched pole position and followed it up with a start/finish victory. Behind Sandro Zeller, Vladimir Netusil, who had started from fourth on the grid, moved up to third place and was able to catch Kurt Böhlen by 0.366 seconds, who relegated Nikolas Szabo and Marcel Tobler (Jo Zeller Racing) to the other places. In Formula Renault, Jan Matyas (HKC Racing Acedemy) won both rounds. Dr. Norbert Groer ( Team Hoffmann Racing) was second in the 1st race ahead of Luca Steffen, who turned the tables in the second race and finished second behind Matyas ahead of Dr.Norbert Groer. In Formula 4, Patrick Schober (Procar Motorsport) beat Vojtech Birgus (JMT Racing) in the first race. The Czech took revenge in the 2nd race with his first Formula 4 victory.

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