Sandro Zeller wins double

Drexler-Automotive Formula Cup - Mugello

At the ACI Racing Weekend in Mugello Sandro Zeller (Jo Zeller Racing) convinced in both races and repeated his double victory from last year. The 2nd round of the Drexler Formula Cup was characterised by exciting fights for positions on the 5.245 kilometre long track. After the Corona-conditioned lockdown in Italy, the pilots of the TOPJET F.2000 Italy Trophy were particularly aggressive. Although Sandro Zeller already underlined his position as favourite with the fastest time (1:43.712 min) in free practice and also in qualifying, the Swiss did not get off the ground as usual when starting the first race from pole position. Surprisingly, Bernardo Pellegrini (HAT Power) passed by and took the lead. This duel really picked up speed during the 16-lap chase and at the finish Pellegrini could be happy about the day's victory, while Zeller won the Drexler Formula Cup classification. Especially the overtaking manoeuvres while laping the slower cars were worth seeing.

Everything went without touching the field, which was very strong with 33 participants. Zeller almost always drove in the slipstream and finished 0.800 seconds behind the Italian. Behind him, Thomas Aregger (Franz Wöss Racing) had secured third position in his second Formula 3 race. However, the fronts were clearly divided. Aregger was 30.864 seconds behind the winner at the finish. Before the Mugello weekend Kurt Böhlen had unceremoniously switched to Jo Zeller's team and kept up with the leading group for a long time. In the last third of the race he lost some pace and had to let the two Italians Andrea Benalli and Marco Minelli pass. Formula 3 newcomer Brice Morabito (Monolite Racing) was noted in eighth place behind Enrico Milani.

At the start of the 2nd race Sandro Zeller got a good start, while the competition with Andrea Benalli and Bernardo Pellegrini in the first corner catapulted themselves out of the action by a touch. Sandro Zeller now played out all his Formula 3 experience and led the field ahead of Thomas Aregger and Brice Morabito, who approached Aregger and took second place. In the middle of the race, a safety car phase neutralised the field. Sandro Zeller decided the re-start in his favour and drove towards a one-two victory. Brice Morabito lost his second place, which he had believed to be safe, to Thomas Aregger due to a time penalty. Kurt Böhlen was rewarded with sixth place behind Marco Minelli and Dino Rasero. Initially Böhlen lost a few places at the start in the first corner and had to swerve through the gravel bed. After the safety car phase he managed to move forwards with position fights worth seeing. The Drexler-Automotive Formula 3 Trophy classification was won in both races by Prof.-Dr. Ralph Pütz (Belicon Motorsport).

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