Thomas Amweg returns with the Ex-Vettel Formula 3

Drexler-Automotive Formula Cup

news01Although the Corona pandemic is currently hitting the headlines in motorsport, all race series are busy with a (still) possible season preparation. Patience is still needed and nobody knows when the times will change again. The Drexler-Automotive Formula Cup announces the comeback of Swiss Thomas Amweg. The ex-champion from the 2014 REMUS Formula Cup returns to the circuit this season and will only be seen at selected events on the mountain. Amweg completed his last circuit racing season in 2015 and, with the support of his sponsor PHIMMO, switched to mountain racing, where his father Fredy Amweg has celebrated countless successes in the past. "We had a great time on the mountain," says Amweg. With the Lola B99/50 F3000 Thomas Amweg has gained a lot of experience and in 2019 he finished among the top 3. Now the ex-Formula 3 champion is back on the circuit. The Dallara 305 Mercedes will be used. Exactly with this vehicle Sebastian Vettel 2006 his Formula 3 season took place. Sebastian Buemi drove the Formula 3 racer one year later. "We have always maintained the car and it would be a pity not to move the car. The Vettel family has always been very interested in buying the car, but it is still with us today," reveals Thomas Amweg. With the help of Jo Zeller Racing, everything was brought up to date and a competitive set-up for the possible season opener at Red Bull Ring was installed. "I hope the season can start soon despite the difficult situation. I'm not only looking forward to the time chase on the track. I'll also enjoy the hours before and after because I've always enjoyed the family environment in the series," says Thomas Amweg.

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