Dignified annual award ceremony at Dallara in Parma

Drexler-Automobile Formula Cup

One month after the successful end of the season at the Hungaroring, the Drexler-Automobile Formula Cup invited to its annual award ceremony at Dallara in Varano de Melegari near Parma. With the support of the TOPJET F2000 Italy Formula Trophy, the evening of winners at the leading manufacturer of Formula 3 chassis was an unforgettable experience. Before the official part at the Dallara Academy, the organisers had organised a company tour for the teams, drivers and sponsors present. The Italian chassis manufacturer has made a name for itself above all in Formula 3. The company made its breakthrough in 1993 when it was able to almost completely oust its rivals Reynard and Ralt from most Formula 3 championships within a short period of time. Also worth mentioning is Dallara's triumph in the Indy Racing League, where they achieved a monopoly position in 1997. This was followed by Formula V8 3.5 litres (World Series by Nissan) and the Formula 1 junior class, which was driven as GP2 series with Dallara chassis. With racing versions for the GT-One and SP1, as well as the LMP2 class, chassis for prototypes were built worldwide. Since 2016, Dallara has served the US Haas F1 racing team as a production facility.


A special moment was enjoyed by those present before the official cup presentation when Giampaolo Dallara was welcomed by Piero Longhi, organiser of the TOPJET F2000 Italy Formula Trophy. In 2019 there were seven race weekends in the racing calendar. In terms of attractiveness, the Formula series continued to grow. On average there were 26 drivers from 12 nations at the start. The Red Bull Ring presented the strongest starting field with 36 participants. Both Herbert Drexler from Drexler Automotive GmbH and coordinator Franz Wöss were able to draw a positive conclusion for the past season. The Drexler Formel Cup has established itself further in international motorsport and is considered a springboard for higher tasks. For 2020 the cooperation with the TOPJET Italy Formula Trophy will be continued. In addition, racing events within the FIA Zone Championship are on the agenda.

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