Sandro Zeller challenged in Brno

Drexler-Automotive Formula Cup

Can Sandro Zeller (Jo Zeller Racing) make everything clear at the 6th round of the Drexler-Automotive Formula Cup in Brno (06.-08.9.2019)? The Swiss Formula 3 driver is best advised to answer this question himself. In any case, he comes to the Masaryk Ring with a cushion of 68 points and wants to make a preliminary decision for the title on the Motorcycle World Championship track. Last year Zeller clinched a one-two victory, but the competition has become tougher, a march through is not so easy for the Formula 3 driver from the former Formula 3 European Championship. This became clear at the 5th race in Mugello, Italy. On the Moto-GP circuit north of Florence the Italian Andrea Cola (Monolite Racing) snatched victory from the Swiss in the second race. This was preceded by an overtaking manoeuvre by the Roman, touching Zeller and carrying him into the gravel. Like Antoine Bottirolli (GFORCE Racing), Andrea Cola is one of Sandro Zeller's most persistent chasers, who can always challenge him for victory.

The entire constellation in the Formula 3 field has led to more competition and contenders for victory. This was evident in the time intervals. Especially in qualifying the drivers are much closer together than in the last years. Andrea Cola and Antoine Bottiroli are still well in the race. Currently both are only 10 points apart in the standings. The fight for the second place goes into the next lap in Brno. The chance to finish at the top is still realistic for the two pursuers. The Czech Tom Beckhäuser could become a spoilsport. After 5 runs he is fifth behind Kurt Böhlen (both Franz Wöss Racing). Beckhäuser won the Red Bull Ring in 2019. He comes from the ADAC Formula 4, already drove in the Asian Formula 3 and in the new Formula Regional European Open. With the final at the Hungaroring in October, there are still 5 races to be held in the Drexler-Automotive Formula Cup. In any case, it will remain exciting and Sandro Zeller hasn't yet completely defended his title in dry cloths.

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