Zeller and Beckhäuser triumph on the Red Bull Ring

Drexler-Automotive Formula Cup

The Leeb Circuit Trophy gave the Drexler-Automotive Formula Cup two eventful days at the Red Bull Ring. In cooperation with the FIA Zone Championship and the Italian TOPJET F2000 Trophy, 37 Formula cars were present in Spielberg and represented the largest field of participants. Sandro Zeller and Tom Beckhäuser won the Drexler Cup in Formula 3. However, the overall victory of the day in Styria went to Paolo Brajnik in both sprint races. In the 1st run it should be high already.

Paolo Brajnik (F3 Dallara 318 VW) had taken pole position with a 1:26.941 min. Sandro Zeller in the F3 Dallara 312 Mercedes got the better start in the 1st run. In the REMUS curve there should be a big crash. Manfred Lang (F3 Dallara 305 Opel Spiess), as well as Robert Helfer in Formula Renault and Tom Beckhäuser (F3 Dallara 308 Opel Spiess) were the leaders. After the necessary safety car phase, Sandro Zeller duelled lap by lap with Brajnik, whereby the Serbian, who drives according to FIA zone regulations with more horsepower, had the better end for himself. With 3,326 seconds he crossed the finish line first ahead of Sandro Zeller, followed by Alessio Delada (F3 Dallara 312 VW) and the Formula Masters with Janos Magyar. 18,629 seconds behind the winner, Antoine Bottiroli (F3 Dallara 312 Mercedes) took fifth place ahead of Marcel Tobler (F3 Dallara 308 Mercedes), who managed to keep Kurt Böhlen with his F3 Dallara 309 VW just behind him. Andrea Cola (F3 Dallara 312 Mercedes) had a fantastic race to catch up. The Roman was also involved in the starting lap of the crash and chased after the field which earned him ninth place. Christian Zeller (F3 Dallara 308 Mercedes) finished tenth ahead of Josef Halwachs (F3 Dallara 308 Opel Spiess). The Austrian Nico Gruber won the Formula Renault, ahead of Thomas Aregger and Dr.Norbert Groer. Stefan Fürtbauer won the Formula 4 premiere in Styria ahead of Marius Morosan.

Two minutes before the start of the 2nd race it started to rain at the Red Bull Ring. Now the teams were asked to convert the formula cars to rain tyres within the short time. Behind the safety car the formula field was sent on the journey. Pole setter Paolo Brajnik took the lead in his F3 Dallara 308 Opel Spiess and duelled with Tom Beckhäuser (F3 Dallara 308 Opel Spiess). The Czech had started the race from grid position six and felt really comfortable on the wet track. He stayed within striking distance of Brajnik during the 12 lap hunt. At the finish the Czech was 2.116 seconds behind the winner of the day before. Behind him Alessio Deleda with the F3 Dallara 312 VW finished third ahead of Sandro Zeller. Zeller was involved in a short jostle at the flying start and lost ground. The chasing group around the podium was led by Marcel Tobler. The Swiss had the upper hand by fifth place. Behind him Andrea Cola and Kurt Böhlen finished sixth and seventh. Formula Renault dominated as in the 1st race Nico Gruber. He won the classification in the Drexler Cup ahead of Robert Helfer and Thomas Aregger. In Formula 4 Stefan Fürtbauer repeated his victory of the day before and won again ahead of Marius Morosan. "I think we were able to offer the fans a super motorsport weekend and really saw great races," said circuit trophy organiser Gerhard Leeb. Both Franz Wöss and Herbert Drexler were more than positively impressed by the Formula field's performance. "That was really good advertising for our sport and for the series as a whole today," said team boss Franz Wöss.

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