Swiss prospects of success

Drexler-Automotive Formula Cup

Leads a possible overall victory in the Drexler-Automotive Formula Cup 2019 over Switzerland again. If you look at the result of the season opener in Monza, you could undoubtedly agree with this forecast. Last year's champion Sandro Zeller (Jo Zeller Racing) clinched a one-two victory in his F3 Dallara 308-Mercedes. So the competition at auf´s Neue is shaken awake. Zeller drives this season in the car with which he contested the F3 European Championship in 2012. The direct competitors could come this year increasingly from the camp of the Confederates.

With Antoine Bottiroli (GFORCE Racing) Zeller had a serious opponent on the Formula 1 track in Monza. Kurt Böhlen took another step forward. The driver of Franz Wöss Racing is not only a safe bench in the rain. With his F3 Dallara 309 Volkswagen Böhlen can always be good for podium places. Marcel Tobler (Jo Zeller Racing) also wants to target this. He had to skip the opening weekend in Italy because of a crack in his Mercedes engine during the preparations for the season. Formula 3 rookie Florian Münger (Jo Zeller Zeller Racing) did well in Monza in the Drexler-Automotive Formula 3 Trophy, which is reserved for cars built between 1992 and 2007. The Formula Renault champion from last year's REMUS Formula Cup could convince with the two conquered podium positions. But Münger certainly appreciates the fact that there is still room for improvement. Simon Stoller has assumed his role in Formula Renault. The Swiss won both races right from the start and left veteran Thomas Aregger (Equipe Bernoise) behind. In this condition Stoller should in any case belong to the closest circle of favourites in Formula Renault 2019. The starters from Switzerland are well prepared in Formula 3 and Formula Renault for the second weekend of the Drexler-Automotive Formula Cup. The Italian TOPJet F2000 Trophy will be present at the Red Bull Ring. This means another duel in Formula 3 for overall victory between top dog Sandro Zeller and Alessandro Bracalente (Team PAVE Motorsport). Last year Sandro Zeller managed to keep the upper hand in both races in Spielberg.

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