Sandro Zeller convinces at season opener in Monza

Drexler-Automotive Formula Cup

Sandro Zeller (Jo Zeller Racing) has started the new season in the Drexler-Automotive Formula Cup in the royal park of Monza with a double victory. In cooperation with the F.2000 Italy Trophy, the Drexler-Automotive Formula Cup presented a strong field with 22 vehicles. In qualifying, Antoine Bottiroli (GForce Racing) together with Andrea Benalli dominated the competition ahead of Sandro Zeller. The Swiss caught the better line at the start of the 15 lap pace for the 1st race and was the first to turn into the chicane. Then Zeller took the scepter in his hand and kept the lead until the finish. Riccardo Perego remained in the slipstream, but had to admit defeat by 2,572 seconds.

Close behind was Andrea Benalli, who fought eye-to-eye duels with Antoine Bottiroli (GForce Racing) and Kurt Böhlen (Franz Wöss Racing). Benalli drove in lap 11 with a 1:48.228 min the fastest lap with an average of 192.7 Km/h. Dino Rasero (PURESPORT) finished sixth in the overall standings ahead of Andrea Cola (Monolite Racing), who kept his compatriot close on his heels until the finish. In Formula Renault Simon Stoller won ahead of Matej Kacovsky and Dr.Norbert Groer. Renault champion Florian Münger (Jo Zeller Racing) was able to hold his own against Dr.Ralf Pütz (Franz Wöss Racing) at his Formula 3 debut in the Formula 3 Trophy classification. In 2nd head Andrea Bottiroli took the lead in wet conditions and with 2.5 seconds she had a minimal lead. Sandro Zeller didn't allow a bigger gap to the Italian and came more and more within striking distance. In lap 5 Zeller passed Bottiroli and did not give up his lead. At the finish Bottiroli had to admit defeat by 3,848 seconds. Ricardo Perego finished third, his distance to Zeller was 5.177 seconds. Behind him Andrea Cola managed a surprise with fourth place. He had duelled Kurt Böhlen for laps and kept the lead until the chequered flag fell. In Formula Renault Simon Stoller repeated his victory before the day before. He prevailed against Matej Kacovsky and Thomas Aregger. Luca Iannacone (Franz Wöss Racing) won the Formula 3 Trophy. Florian Münger finished second ahead of Dr. Ralph Pütz.

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