Race Interruption prevents Vaclav Safar’s victory (GT2 Motorsport)

At the final of the REMUS Formula Cup, there could have been a big surprise at the Masaryk Racing Days in the first race. The Czech Vaclav Safar (GT2 Motorsport) had dominated the qualifying session at his Formula 3 premiere in Brno with a 1.52.982 min and put the champion Sandro Zeller (Jo Zeller Racing) under pressure. The Swiss beat back in the starting duel and led the field in both, the REMUS Formula Cup and the FIA CEZ. In the run-up to the slower vehicles, Vaclav Safar overtook Zeller. Just at this time a Formula Renault blocked the road. This was the trigger for the red flag and race interruption. Zeller was the winner because of the score of the previous completed lap. Safar finished second in his Formula 3 debut ahead of Philipp Regensperger, who was 1,078 seconds behind the winner. Kurt Böhlen (Franz Wöss Racing) finished fourth, followed by Andrea Cola (Monolite Racing), who kept Marcel Tobler (Jo Zeller Racing) in check.

In the second run’s qualifying, Vaclav Safar pushed to its limit and undercut the time on Saturday. However, Sandro Zeller got the better start again and escaped Safar by a few meters. This was the Swiss Formula 3 champion’s turn, the Czech had dropped by 3.338 seconds when the checkered flag fell. Behind him followed Paolo Brajnik in third place and Philipp Regensperger in fourth place. Andrea Cola took fifth place in the fight for for the vice-championship and left his rival, Marcel Tobler, just like in the first run, behind. Kurt Böhlen had moved into sixth place between the two contestants. The returning champion Josef Halwachs (HR Formula Racing) finished eighth in the second race after the Austrian had finished ninth in the first race. In Formula Renault shared Thomas Oregger (Equipe Bernoise) and Vladimir Netusil (Evectiv Racing) the race wins. Stefan Fürtbauer (Franz Wöss Racing) experienced a great debut at his premiere in Formula 4. He finished both races in third place. Victory went to Tom Beckhäuser (Charouz Racing Syster) in both races. His compatriot Tomas Koreny (GT2 Motorsport) took the second place.

Translated from German by: Daniele Cambi
Email: dancam.dev@gmail.com


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