Confident start of the season by Sandro Zeller

Drexler- Automotive Formula Cup - Salzburgring (AUT)

The motorsport festival at the Salzburgring has delivered a promising start to the circuit season for the Drexler Formula Cup. Even though Saturday was quite rainy during the qualifying sessions in the Nesselgraben, the teams and drivers did not let this stop them from showing a strong performance. With Kurt Böhlen (Franz Wöss Racing) and Paolo Brajnik (PFM), two of the other favourites could not start. On Friday Kurt Böhlen suffered a major engine failure in Formula 3. Brajnik hit the crash barriers in Saturday's qualifying in the paddock corner and damaged his Formula 3. The pole position for the first race was surprisingly taken by Thomas Aregger (Franz Wöss Racing) ahead of title defender Sandro Zeller (Jo Zeller Racing), who played out his entire routine at the start on Sunday morning. Aregger dropped back to 13th place after a spin while Sandro Zeller took the lead. As a result, Thomas Amweg (Jo Zeller Racing), coming from 5th position, took second place. In the course of the 19 laps Aregger plowed through the field with overtaking manoeuvres worth seeing and caught Thomas Amweg two laps before the chequered flag fell.

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The traffic light turns green at the Salzburgring

Drexler-Automotive Formula Cup

Next weekend (11th - 12th July) the Drexler Formula Cup starts into the 2020 season and the Corona pandemic has put the whole motor sport to a great test in the last months. Now it finally starts at the motorsport festival. The anticipation among the teams and drivers is accordingly large. After the lockdown, the Salzburgring will start with a racing highlight not far from the festival city of Salzburg. The 4.255 kilometres long Salzburgring is one of the fastest race tracks in the calendar of the Drexler Formula Cup. 2016 was the last time that Formula 3, Formula Renault and Formula 4 raced between the Nockstein bend and the paddock curve. The winner at that time was Sandro Zeller (Jo Zeller Racing), who leads the field of participants in the Drexler Formula Cup in 2020 and wants to continue the successes of the previous year.

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Motorsport Festival at the Salzburgring in the starting blocks

Drexler-Automotive Formula Cup

Under the direction of the Austrian-German organizer duo Rene Binna and Christoph Gerlach, the motorsport festival will start on the Salzburgring on 11-12 July. It is the first event of its kind after the lockdown at the gates of the Mozart city. In addition, the circuit racing season in Austria is now also starting, with a delay. All the more reason for all teams and drivers to be really looking forward to the event. For the Drexler Formula Cup with Formula 3, Formula Renault and Formula 4 the waiting is over: "We are happy that it finally starts", says coordinator Franz Wöss. The motor sport festival has a lot of circuit sport in the program at the Salzburgring. The Touring Car Classics will be part of the programme with a variety of racing cars from the "Golden Era" of DTM and STW, some of which are still driven by stars of the 80s and 90s themselves. The Suzuki Swift Cup Europe is really exciting. In this one-make cup especially many drivers from Austria will come to their first motorsport event this year. This also applies to the Pfister-Racing Touring Car Challenge. From the 50s and 60s the cars of the Dunlop A Gentle Drivers Trophy can be admired. The organizer has made a strong commitment to the premiere of a new event format. Numerous discussions with the local authorities preceded the engagement in order to be able to finally give the starting signal for the motorsport festival. However, the fans are not allowed to be on site this year. The Corona restrictions must still be implemented. For this reason the organizer offers a livestream, which will show all race series at the Salzburgring. "Via the livestream the fans will get a first impression and hopefully whet their appetite for the continuation of the new event format", says Rene Binna.

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Start of the season from 10-12 July at the Salzburgring

Drexler-Automotive Formula Cup

Due to the Corona pandemic, the Drexler-Automotive Formula Cup has fixed a revised racing calendar for the 2020 season. Six races are planned for the time being, but the principle still applies that all dates require the approval of the local authorities. We start from 10th to 12th July on the Salzburgring. The race track at the gates of the city of Mozart marks the beginning, after the race on the Red Bull Ring was cancelled in mid-May. "The organizer presented a hygiene concept for the Salzburgring, which finally met with the approval of the authorities. For weeks they worked on it. Of course, the health of the drivers and teams, but also of all employees and helpers of the organizer is still our top priority", says coordinator Franz Wöss.

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