Season opener at the Hungaroring

Drexler-Automotive Formula Cup

Next weekend (08.-10.04.22) the new circuit season will start for the Drexler Formula Cup. As part of the FIA CEZ Championship, the Hungaroring just outside the Hungarian capital will be the venue. The event also heralds the start of the motorsport year in Hungary. In addition, points will be awarded in the Austrian Racing Car Championship. In total, the Drexler Formula Cup has eight events on the calendar in 2022. "After the TopJet F2000 Series has completed its season opener in Mugello, we are now entering the season. Of course, we hope that all eight race weekends will take place. Last year we had to deal with cancellations and noticeable cutbacks due to the Covid-19 pandemic," says coordinator Franz Wöss. At the season opener in Hungary, pilots from eight nations are expected in the formula field. The strongest team in terms of numbers comes from Austria. With Luca Iannaccone (ITA), newcomer David Richert (CAN), Daniel Tapinos (GRE) and Attila Penzes (HUN), the Franz Wöss Racing team provides four drivers in Formula 3. In addition to Penzes, Janos Magyar, Adam Kovacs and Benjamin Berta have a home game.

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Attractive stage from Formula 4 to Formula 3

Drexler-Automotive Formula Cup 2022

After a successful season last year, the Drexler Formula Cup is in the starting blocks for 2022. The season will kick off on the second weekend of April ( 10.04.22), when the Formula racing series will meet at the Hungaroring. "We are hoping for a good-class grid in Hungary. Nevertheless, we should say that things will probably really get going for the second event in Monza (24.04.22). We see the current world situation very objectively and cannot estimate how travel regulations might change," says coordinator Franz Wöss. The organisers on site have gathered the best experience to prepare the events well. Whether Corona will then become a factor again remains to be seen. Currently, the Drexler Formula Cup is planning eight events. Seven of them will be held on race tracks where Formula 1 is at home. "This year's schedule is internationally oriented. This is also an incentive for new teams to join us," says Franz Wöss.

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Merry Christmas


Simply drive inexpensively in formula racing

Drexler-Automotive Formula Cup

Team boss Peter Mücke would certainly not have expected it like this after his statement and the announced withdrawal from Formula racing. The reactions in the media were not long in coming. However, they did not come as a surprise. Peter Mücke has rather put his finger in the wound like no one before him for a long time. For the GT scene, this was certainly an upgrade. In recent years, the GT scene has not had to struggle with affordable motorsport to the same extent. The motorsport market is almost dominated by GT series worldwide. Despite rising prices, the concepts developed have contributed to enormous stability in the series.

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